UL/DL is a combination of things accumulated over time, the original intention of ec.je but with the actual time to accomplish it.

Our story first starts off way back when in 1996, when I found some BBS software by dialling into another BBS, I set up MMN (Mr.ManNET) as it was first dubbed, then abbreviated.

The board started running only from 22h to 8h in the morning on the shared phone line, but then a dedicated line was installed and it went 24/7.

Moving into the late 90s, early 2000s, cable internet came along and the BBS evolved into a small shared web server running off of a Macintosh Performa with Quid Pro Quo. It worked and the little PC that still ran the board did too.

I moved to the UK and the board went down for a bit, until about 2005 when I bought WINServer. Finally, I owned a copy of Wildcat! with it’s GUI app wcNavigator, since then the server has been bouncing from physical machines to the cloud, and back down on earth in Paris.

During all this time, I’ve done a few things on the net, played with various other things, and started up little projects here and there. Everything seemed to have gone between my DreamHost account and a series of other web hosting accounts in various parts of the world.

So here we are, UL/DL to fix that. One place, one portal, many things. Enjoy !

And no, never got over that Mikey Yack thing.