I have put together a little entertainment on by running a little text based email for myself.

It’s not open to the outside world (except, obviously, incoming and outgoing email). I’m using SynchroNet and MXGuarddog – with spam blacklist.

#Joy #TextOnly fix

There has been an issue with on the status site reporting back as DOWN, when actually it seems to be a single issue on IPv6 from Cloudflare not resolving.

I’ve modified the address it’s calling to bypass cloudflare, which should fix the errors and accurately display the site’s uptime.

Plan of Action

I’ve somewhat neglected some things recently, being out for the count. But I’ve still got to work in,, and a couple other domains.

Another thing I’ve got to start working on is, somehow managed to get it on a domain backorder and I want to use it for good. I don’t know where to start here, I’m happy to take suggestions.

Otherwise, a couple of minor updates to have been done and that’s it. moved

I’ve got around to moving the domain over to and because of the configuration, andvx.sgmoved over. has also been moved across to a couple days ago, and the redirect is going swimmingly.